Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Can You keep a secret


Inspired by the book I read over the weekend Sophie’s Kinsella’s

For a long time I thought my mother loved my sis more than me because she was named after her mother.

I burned my brother’s thigh with a pan when we were cooking eggs when he was young and told him not to tell the folks (what with the beatings?)

I have actually gained 10kgs since I left campus

I hated my friend who told me “they can not take you at KQ (unsolicited advise mind you) why the fuck would I want to go to KQ.

I bloody hate Cornflakes

I stopped wearing G-strings after I read that they can cause disease.

I hate staying with relatives in our house.

I sneaked out of school many times in Class 2.

I have been late to classes most of my life. I simply couldn’t wake up.

Funny how I am never late for work.

I didn’t like the thought of my mum having another child. Now I adore my lil brother who is only 5.

I feel responsible for my parent’s separation.

I cry in the salon especially when they put me in the drier (LMAO) so I put up the magazine I am reading up so nobody sees me. I wonder why

I am damn afraid of getting married ( I probably fear failure of it)

I once had a crush on my teacher.

I hate been caught gossiping (one of the persons I dislike most in the world is the one who I told something about my best friend then in high confidence then she went to tell that person what I had said (can you keep a secret?)

My hair is not natural (it has been cooked)

I didn’t know how to speak fluently in Kiswahili until I went to High School, in my primary school it wasn’t allowed to speak in any other language than English.

I actually did score 99% in English in Primary School. I am ashamed just how bad my English has become now.

I still fear my Primary school Head Teacher (inside) Lol.

I fought to be allowed to wear trousers (my grandmother didn’t allow girls to wear trousers)

I don’t like my paternal grandmother and some of her off springs.

I just pretended that I am working.

The bloody worksheet is taking too long to load and I have to pretend that I am working

I can’t trace my birth certificate, so I can’t get a passport.

I am your wonderful procrastinator

A habit I have beat till I have almost overcome

I labor to keep my room tidy. I am not a very tidy person.

I know I will leave Kenya before end of the year 2007. I just can’t seem to find my birth certificate.

I am a pretty closed up person yet I talk pretty much to people I am familiar with.

My mother, my close friends don’t know I blog. Some have no clue what it is

I have never really been in love (or is it felt loved?)

I threw away the panty my granny gave to me on Christmas day.

I only own two dresses. I can only wear one.

I really love short clothes; skirts, dresses but I rarely wear them.

One time I wore a short skirt and some tout said that it was too short and I was very horrified incase they thought of stripping me in town (put embarrassing face there)

When we were young I hit my sister on the back, she fell and I thought she had died. I said so many prayers

I fear dogs (?@ !)

And I hate cats

I basically fear most animals

I can’t take a bicycle ride or on a bodaboda. I think I would alight before I got where I was going and fall.

A study need to be conducted on why I have been blogging for so long

I hope you people will buy from Amazon and help me earn some cents (please people I am broke!)

I once thought my hairdresser was gay.

When I was younger I used to feign a headache so that I am told not to wash the dishes.

I won’t tell you any more of my secrets now.

Ebu take the cue and tell us your secrets