Monday, March 03, 2008

you can't please all... President Kibaki

When the rest of Kenyans were excited at the peace deal, these are some of the nasty words that described President Kibaki
He is a coward
He is a fool
He is a push over
He can't stand by his decisions...
Well..When i rode to Thika this weekend, discussion started again
Kibaki has sold us
We would rather Matiba, he would never have sold us..Matiba and Michuki think how much of a formidable force that would have been. The people discussed on and off of how weak the President is.
I don't know, i have not been in a position to want to talk about it myself because no community owns the presidency. Obviously some people feel aggrieved but i can be honest that it has been a much easier, relaxing time for me and i think everyone feels that way.
I don't know if there is greater courage than giving up on something when you know everyone else will brand you a coward.
And yes you can't please everyone all the time.