Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tag I am It

One of my favourite bloggers for real is back with a tag

Random things about Shiroh not Girl in the Meadow

  1. I have a conscience and a deep one. I am not the kind of person who can do crazy stuff and feel like i did nothing. On the surface it appears so but my God it affects sometimes i just ran to the adoration chapel and feel like crying.
  2. I can't date light coloured men...there you have it...sawwrrrrry. They don't attract me at all. maybe its because the ones i have have turned out weak but that doesn't mean all are that's just my experiences.
  3. Well to be honest, i find it hard to forgive people at least completely. I cannot stand personal attacks. So if you are fond of telling me of just how fat i am or such kind juz know i aint into it!!
  4. I luuuurve Music totally. from country  to Mugiithi to anything with beats i am into it. I sometimes sing on the streets so guys stop and ask "ati?" Idle Kenyans!!! When the music is good i am at Zen or is it Nirvana??
  5. I like experimenting. People get caught up in my experiments.   And then Numero 1 comes to haunt me and i feel like shyt for a few days. Enough said.
  6. I am right handed, left footed. When i go for aerobics you never know what happens. The instructor says right leg curl, i do left leg curl, says right hand i do left leg right hand. Jesus!! Thanks God for aerobics i am learning to co-ordinate my movements.
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