Monday, October 09, 2006

Elusive Equality

Women continuously seek equality with men. There are many sayings coined to the effect “What a man can do, a woman can do better” I do agree and in fact many women are testimony that women are as brainy/excellent as men if not better. But there are some things women do that make me wonder if in fact the woman is an inferior being or what it is that could be wrong with them. Without further ado;


I have very few CLOSE female friends for this very reason. Women love to backstab others. If you hear someone under estimating the achievements of another, it is likely to be a woman. Women will backstab anyone, their sisters, mothers, friends, best of friends et cetera. They have little regard for friendships and why you cannot backstab your best friend because they are your best friends. Enough said


There are in fact some women who think the power is in the vagina. They have no regard to common working hard theories. If at all the promotion is held up by your thighs, common sense dictates that you move to another company. I mean if your company doesn’t appreciate your hard work and your boss thinks the only way you can move up is by sharing a leg, move!

Do not punish the rest of the female folk in make men believe the only way women can move up is by sharing a leg. Shame! Shame! Shame!


There is a verse in the bible that says “Gossip is so tasty, how we love to swallow it” Nothing justifies gossip whoever is involved in it. Gossip only creates enemies it has never ended well. Avoid it the same way you avoid fire. Gossip of especially your friends should end. Many boyfriends will admit having to listen to endless gossip of her chic’s girlfriends. I wonder if that makes him love them or hate them, you make him curious.


Gosh! The only time you sleep with your mates’ boyfriend or husband when you are trapped in a house, which has collapsed, and you have a few hours remaining and you both share a dream that you would love to die in ecstasy. I know a couple of girls who share their friend’s man to prove they are prettier or whatever shit they want to prove? If it’s your mate’s, sister’s boyfriend, leave him!

INCEST is a crime in Kenya. So you are not allowed to have your brother. In the same light, respect your sisters in law. When your brother wanted to marry he probably did not ask for your permission, in the same breath, you cannot continue accusing your sisters –in- law of poisoning, witchcraft and whatever else you wish to. It is wrong to cause your asisters-in-law a nightmarish life just because they married your brother.

Whether she trapped him, is a standard two drop out, dresses shao, misplaced dental formula, as fat as a bull, your brother chose her to be the wife. Stop it!!!!

Women are their own worst enemies. It cannot be overemphasized. And that keeps women down, pulls them to the bottom and they then blame men and lack of laws to protect them.

Be wise, stop being the ordinary woman by at least stopping any of the above.

I am reading this book The Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl now. Interesting stuff.