Tuesday, July 04, 2006


“I dont think so what is killing. Kiss is in fact propmoting those shody "musicians" unless i hear them on radio can't waste ma dalla for s'thing like under 18. Keep airing those musik.”

This is the comment aired by someone who opted to remain anonymous when I felt that KISS was killing our industry by massive airplay of their songs. I feel pity for kenyans like the one above. Forget the spelling and grammatical mistakes. They believe everything Kenyan is shoddy.

These are the same people who will spend thousands of money on alcohol then leave it in the urinals of the pub. Mixed priorities I say. (hear hear)

You call our musicians shoddy?

Yeah they are not upto standard and they are far away from the mighty hiphop musicians of the good old USA but I don’t agree they are shoddy.

How do I say our musicians are shoddy and the way we katika to under 18 or to Kiasi or to Bidii yangu (my latest favourite).

Our musicians are not shoddy they just lack support. What with little album sales and much copyright infringement. (FYI, kenya is on the watchlist for countries who copyright infringement goes on unabated in the world and we don’t even have optical plants imagine.)

What with the massive airplay already depleting the what would be market.

True some songs are built to last Malaika by Fadhili Williams is one such. The song never loses taste almost 30 years later.

Sinzia by Nameless will not last this year! Believe me or not and that is the nature of hip hop. Songs are for partying and must be released in quick succession.

An industry has to be given time to grow.,it has to. You don’t give our artists time to grow when you think they are shoddy. Not that I think they are celebs as they jidai to be but when we do not buy from them it makes their lives as worse and the mega bucks industry that can be a sleeping giant.

My favourite Kenyan Artistes

Nyota Ndogo
Jua Cali
Suzanna Owiyo (though I don’t understand that language)
Rat a Tat (two time wonder and lacks the confidence)
Meg C (if only she could have her one night with Oliech and move on)
Kleptomaniacs (smooth lyrics I say)

And many more.

Though the Tz guys do it for me. I love it when they sing in pure kiswahili, it tickles me to hell.

End of support.