Thursday, August 11, 2005

For the sake of it

I am so proud of Farmgal,she is done something i look forward to doing one day. Opening her own business.Surely after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, i know for a fact that being employed can never make any one rich or wealthy for that matter.

BTW, In my country belonging to a minister's province is bliss. Raila allocated the biggest budget to Bondo constituency. Ngilu allocated 10 ambulances to Eastern Province and the rest of us 2 ambulances...Am i the only one realising.Ooh why is my MP not a minister?Next time, one will have to make a promise that they possess skills and are close enough to the president to become a minister,No less.

Since Nick already has wifey and mistress, i wil take the position of concubine. I am very content now what i need is to know the benefits that accrue at the third position. We all know that the youngest woman on the block always has the most least i hope Nick knows that.

Well here it goes a fixation with Mt. Etna....