Friday, July 29, 2005

Playing by the Rules

There is the much celebrated sexual liberation, gender empowerment cum freedom, and on the other hand, the ever increasing/decreasing men to women ratio 6:1. Is it true anyway. The not so long ago, hard to get elusive African woman is gone making the good girls have their day in this strange world of dating .

Men on the other hand are having their field day or so I believe with the number of available women at least trying to get them walk down the aisle. The number of a woman sob story of (how he married that bitch) is becoming common. The sorry man obviously caught in who do I marry now is seizing the opportunity to get as many women in bed as he can before the d-day or what they call sanctioned sex day. (Huh)

Tony Mochama on a Sunday Standard (Men Only claims that the birds these days have lost it. And in his one of his rare sober article attributes it to not playing by the rules. Being there at the right time whatever that means. How do you explain how a man will date a woman for seven years and abandon her only to marry the girl he has only dated for six months.

While many women these days will not hesitate to give their men a call at any opportune time, Michelle she of the Irresistible Woman book, states a woman should by the rules that her mama taught her. Women do not call , do not propose, do not chase after the man. And blah blah. I And to add to Tony Mochama’s article, he says that laughing and mingling with his friends will only make you one of his boys and not his missus.

For a long time I believed that a relationship is a mutual thing and doesn’t matter who did what, hang up the phone first crap. I believed and still do in gender empowerment. That women have a right to get what they want. But I am told I am wrong .

But tell me should a woman play by the rules?

The only solution a sexually liberated woman is to separate her feelings of love and lust. A woman can't still understand how a man will bed her and not feel anything for her. A woman, (unless you are a twilight gal) might lust but at the end of the day still think that at least you should call her the morning after.

I am at loss. At this point, I wish my blog was anonymous but since it is not , I will rest my case there.