Tuesday, December 07, 2010

TPF4 Trivialities

Like everyone else in Nairobi and we assume Eastern Africa (although i wonder if there are Television sets in Southern Sudan), I have been watching TPF right from the extremely hilarious auditions to the Grand Finale.

The show died with the auditions

Those were the funniest auditions I have ever seen. From the MJ Wannabe to the Makmende (real?). Where do you get lyrics like even if you are five feet under..Really, Mr MJ. Wannabe.

Big Black and Beautiful is a farce

The truth is out. The men have been lying to us all along. Really? What was that about Gaelle? Is she the elusive Femme Fatale, who I have been wondering is alive ever since I heard the word. Ati the men could not resist. Don't have curves, ooh you can breath now.

Gaelle. She could not sing for singing sake. You would be forgiven for thinking she was whispering. Did you hear take on Brenda Fasie, what was that now?

Somethings cannot be forgiven

It is hard to remember Patricia but in my opinion she was the best singer of TPF 3. Yet one mistake, of not voting for Debarl, lost her so much vote and popularity. Even if she has gone on to do a lot of stuff thereafter, I wonder if people still hold it against her for her actions.

So this is what I cannot forgive

Aneth singing Man, I fee like a woman-Shania Twain

if I were you, I would call a press conference and apologize for murdering the most powerful song Shania ever did.

Nameless=Automatic Eviction

Dear Music Director, do not and I repeat, Do Not give a contestant a Nameless song.

It fell Debarl. Then of course followed by Juveh and the other person who will attempt it in TPF5. Enough said. No need to embarrass yourself into musical oblivion, if one enters into the academy and is told to sing a nameless song, they should self evict themselves. That way they will have more fame.

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