Friday, December 17, 2010

Churchill Live Season Two

Once in a while, excitement comes in Kenya. A new discovery, a new song (remember vuta pumzi) or even the Ocampo 6 story.

And so came Churchill Abednego.

Like a well sold product (cue here is J-LO, Beyonce), this person is everywhere. Turn to the Standard Chartered Marathon, he is there entertaining the children, turn on your TV, he is there doing top comic or Churchill live and every other day on your favourite radion station he is there doing the Morning Show with Maina Kageni. Soon maybe on our towels and perfumes and inner wear (kidding).

So it is not without much amusement today that i read the Churchill Live Fan page and realized his fans are tired of what they call tribal jokes.

Why are tribal jokes so common? The same reason black/white jokes are common. Every one loves/hates them.

Nigerian Basketmouth comes to mind when i think of a good comedian. A joke which you can tell in any part of the world and everyone would know what you are talking about.

So what has gone down with Churchill Live Season 2

For one, Churchill looks perpetually tired. The problem of doing everything is that you get tired. If you are the MC of every corporate, social and whatever else is that you lack time. I wondered how it would be like to be a Missus to Churchill, you would barely receive Lip Service:).

Two, well looks like the idea, concept is a good one for these season, it just doesn't have the Churchill touch in it. In Season one, Churchill would dig the library for funny situations that his guest had done in the past and prod on the same. But, that effort is not there.

Guest Artists are probably meant to spice the show, but some of them just don't do it. Eric Omondi is sometimes fresh and stale. You can never tell. Cross dressing on the other hand is downright tacky!

That said, the comedy industry is a hard act. It takes time and originality to conceive ideas that will make people laugh. For that, i will give Churchill an A+ for venturing into something not everyone can do.


  1. He does look tired

    But the show is still a hit - many bars stop the music, sports and beam it live with sound from start to finish

  2. I couldn't agree more. Chuch looks clapped out and fatigued. Atually Eric Omondi always steals the show kila wakati. Bwana Church need to boost his energy kidogo and cut back on those lucrative deals to remain relevant.

    Great blog!