Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A collection of Blogs I Love

Although, i have greatly reduced the time i spend browsing blogs, i still have a few that i check out every other day.

I discovered this website during a dark period.
I love most of their articles on women and a going where most won't.

Steve Pavlina
He really is not your conventional person. He loves to test a lot of things. He shows us how to pursue your own personal happiness and objectives.

Perez Hilton
Not everyone's cup of tea, but well, i find myself hooked to his blog if only for his writing and disgusting style.
This blogger/writer is amazing! I love his style of writing and the way he tells his stories. Sample the way he introduces his latest post "

Christmas beckons like a ghoulish character in Harry Porter

I am sure i have left out many websites/blogs that i do love. I will probably update.#newyearresolutions

Meanwhile check out this gem on Twitter and the some of the idiots that use it:)