Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nothing Really

My attempts to get a Kencell, Celtel, Zain, ooh it's now Airtel were just thwarted by some gal at the customer care. She kinda reminds me of customer i do not care, the Indians are here with the money. I have heard something about Indians, and most of it not good, really. It's about the bottom line. Money. In not Out.
Anyway, there is this thing. The  dynamic duo that is Maina and Kingangi have been asked to clean up their show..Imagine. How now? Radiotherapy should last forever.
It's easier to listen to others scandal and sing heathen, when you are not thinking of yourself. 
Most of us have secrets that we will take to the grave. These peculiar Kenyans take them to the airwaves. Much fun we have. Every morning. And now, we will have to contend with mmomonyoko wa udongo,
Same as busted. Honestly, i never intended to be a fan of busted. I never listened to it on Easy FM. Just like the way i have never read The Star. The cool peeps @Twitterverse advise, it's now the cool thing to read. Maybe/not. Smart People Read the Star, but do Smart People Write The Star? Maybe they should give me a free copy. Then i shall determine.
Anyway, Nairobi is changing;
The cool superhighway. Marvelous. Have you seen the way those Chinese are demolishing the hills. Awesome. I am told guys come from Tanzania for a tour of the Superhighway. Like Nairobi is so cool. Really, it's like NewYork to those peeps.
There are two things intended to bring Nairobians closer. Tusker Project Fame and Churchill Live. In all honesty, these two have refused to deliver this season. I don't know about everyone else, but they no longer tune with what i was used to. Or maybe i am growing old.


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