Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When Ladies and Gentlemen argue

I have learnt something from Busted. Last week, an unlikely thing happen. There was infidelity in the house of the Lady and gentleman at the Club.

That when they argue;

They call the 'other' Harlot.

Who has the time to remember the name harlot? Jesus. Sounds like from a shakespeare play.

When the mwananchi argue, they say 'malaya'

They ask for the 'wronged' for civility.

The wronged one says 'i have no time for civility' while exercising severe restraint.

The mwananchi lays all for everyone to hear.

The Lady asks him not to shame her in front of her friends. That being the main thing.

The mwananchi woman asks "why do you do this to me, after 3 children". It's the finances here.

Where do you fall?

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  1. Something does not add up on bursted. Whos fooling who? It seems more & more rehearsed