Monday, November 15, 2010

Nairobian cycle 1

That just sounded like amphibian. Anyway my attempts to do anything rhyming backfired a long time ago. So here i am. Attempting all over again.

Anyway with a huge (assuming it is) pen the President signed into law some Bill called the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act

And just like that a whole culture change occurred.

You see when you become a Nairobian, there is a greater chance that maximum bonding time with the children happens on Sunday. Picture this. The father is working all through the week. Saturday he goes out with the boys till some weird hours of the morning.

On Sunday he attends the hangover mass (aka 12 o'clock) at the pestering of wifey.

Upon the last grace, he packs his people to the next restaurant/pub.

Whereupon they get entertainment. So the father cures his hangover by taking just one more. And the children ask for soda and chips. Really, don't these things grow old?

And the tois jump onto some thing called a bouncing castle and get their faces painted.

And then;

There is the dancing competition.

The children outshine each other.

No idea on where they get the skills but gyrate they do.

Then one day. No children in the pub.

Dear President, don't you see you have just killed family recreation time?

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