Thursday, July 03, 2008

African Politics and politicos.....continued. the C

This is one of the most interesting post i have done. Reading about these Africans can make you shudder. The story of Patasse and Bozize reminds me of what King David told his son;to do away with his general if he was to survive.  Patasse was attending a conference in Niger in 2003 only to come home and find President Bozize (Ala). A further attempt to become President was thwarted with "Sir there is a problem with your birth certificate"

Let us just say the reason why Africa is so undeveloped is in their politics and quest for power.


Cameroon- an Anglophone country. The home to the great Etoo.

First multi party elections held in 1992. Private Radio and Television stations are not allowed. The President Biya is there because the opposition boycotted the  elections in 1997. Journalists are frequently arrested. Not a media free country really...more

Cape Verde- the former Portuguese colony where the Prime Minister is the head of government. In the first Multi party elections in 1992, the opposition party won. Conducts free and fair elections. Has even won some award for that. For more details

Central Arican Republic (CAR). This is one of most poorest country in the Africa and hence the world
Surrounded by Chad, Sudan, Congo and Cameroon (some neighbours those are!).
The president was overthrown by a general in 2003 by name Francoise Bozize who went ahead to conduct a democratic election in 2005.  Their saga is above

Chad- this is an Arabic country. Also one of the most poorest and corrupt countries in the world. It is marred by poor governance. The president Idriss Deby is an executive one who is most reputed for marrying severally. He has been in power since 1990 which he seized by a military coup, He has contested and won in 1996 and 2001. Little is said of the elections...more
Comoros-this is an Island country with a population of 780,000 people. That's less than the Nairobians.  Despite being poor, this country has had coups and political insurrections. The president was elected democratically. . More

Cote D' Ivoire (ivory coast)_ Home to the striker Dider Drogba.
Many things have been said in Kenya precisely on 30th December that it should go the Ivory way. Exactly which way was this?
There is an ongoing civil war, coups and political insurrection. The country is split between the president  Laurent Ggabo and a rebel leader Soro.  It seems until the groups are disarmed, they are stuck.


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