Wednesday, July 02, 2008


All eyes are on Mugabe and everyone including PM Raila is asking the AU to intervene. Yeah right; you might want to know what the C.E.O's of Africa  call democracy. I mean you cannot exercise democracy if you do not know what democracy is or ask others to exercise democracy. How now???. That's why all your AU intervention please will fall on deafest ears. In this case of Zimbabwe to quote Bossip i will say Jesus Take the Wheel.

Sources: wikipedia

I cannot understand how their politics work for this Arabic Country (do they even consider themselves Africans?). Go here

This country has been ravaged by war for several decades.

Has an executive Presidency. The last elections were held in 1992, the president has said there may be elections in 2009. That's 17 Years folks.
For more go here

Has an Executive president by name Thomas Boni Yayi.
2 year maximum cap, elections free and fair. No 70+ president.  Fair enough

I could say one of the most opportunity countries in Africa, i am a Kenyan i know that. General elections held fair and freely every five years. Good

Burkina Faso
This is the land of the upright people.

Executive president for a five year term. Sitting president does not qualify for a re-election.  Ruled by a folk called
Blaise Compaore since 1987. Thats 21 years. Fossil!!. Go here

One of the poorest countries in the whole wide world from where my ancient folks must have almost come from. Pierre Nkurunziza is the C.E.O. A guy called Buyoya had declared himself president in a bloodless coup sometimes in 95. To know more about the guru of African Destruction go here

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  1. Maybe they should send him [Mugabe] a couple of Asian Prostitutes and a carton of Viagra and let him go down in a blaze of glory like Abacha

  2. How about Chad all the way to Zambia?

  3. I forgot to say that its a good analysis, congrats.There will be a problem in the alphabet, finding countries for letters X,Q,etc,all the best,Carol