Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What happened to our Beloved Country?

When did people think it is alright to terrorize fellow citizens because ;

a) The Government has wronged them

b)They are poverty stricken, unemployed youths?

c)They have the ability to do so

As we speak the transport system has been paralyzed, fares have doubled, citizens are in morbid fear. This is because a certain group of people have said so.

But why do these groups seen during the post election violence and now operate with such impunity?

The ruling (political) class have used these same gangs to gain power.  The gangs seen during the post election violence were first and foremost not normal Kenyans but to all and sundry (meaning the world)  were normal mwananchi angry at the election results. That argument did pass and you know what some people majorly benefited from this and are currently occupying posh offices. We won't get into that.

So why won't new gangs come out and demand the respect that the gangs during the post election violence got with outstanding success? you need power, hire a gang, terrorize citizens and get it!  Whatever it is Mungiki are asking/demanding for is unknown. But all i know is we are tired, sick tired of this mindless violence to citizens.


  1. Like it was said earlier by different people. Those in government who abated the mungiki thought it was like a snake they could put back in the basket when we know that is never the case with such militias, all they do is turn on those who were using them when their original task is done.
    Poverty or unemployment does not justify their actions as they are not the only ones suffering from that. The sad thing though is that these gangs have political patronage so they arent going away too fast. What's even worse is how flat footed the government has been found not once but twice as these gangs take over the country.

  2. n kalenjin we say hyenas never make great pets. They like to bite their owners in the ass...

    These are Mumbi's children who've thrown a tantrum because they're mad to me Mungiki have now turned against their own people. They know if they cross into unknown territory they will be gone in a couple of hours they way they did when they tried to go to Nakuru.

    Kibaki and the general agikuyu community have created a monster now he has to deal with consquences. It is one thing to have regular civilians fighting but when you activate people who have been programmed to kill you have to have a plan to deprogram them or you run the risk of them killing unintended targets.

    too bad the party is over for them so they go killing the innocent. they want free stuff without working for it. Extorting money from hard working matatus entrepreneurs is not the kenyan way. hard work is it.

    why the government has not mowed them down the way they mowed down freedom fighters who protested against Kibaki's theft last december that were killed by police???

  3. I see people think that mugiki cares about the kikuyu..hahahah!
    Mugiki is an militia group that needs to be stopped period!

    As a Kenyan I don't want thugs fighting for me in any way!

  4. Mungiki is simply calling its pound of flesh. Kibaki and friends used Mungiki to do their dirty work in Naivasha and Nakuru (at the height of the post-election violence), now the sun is shining again, they don't want to know. However, Mungiki has other ideas.

    Kibaki and his pals made this bed, they must lie in it. I would only ask Mungiki to restrict its ugoroki to Central Province. This is a domestic issue (i.e. House of Mumbi), sort it huko!

  5. To be blind to tribalism is to be blind to the consequences of tribalism if tribalism has consequencies and people resolve not to notice the thing that is causing the blindness then how do we resolve the problem that caused the consequences ?

    paraphase that to the gikuyu context..and how they think of us the non gikuyu and me precisely the kalenjin male ...

  6. Mungiki are listed in the encyclopedia of anthropology as direct descendants of Muturapithicus, a tobacco chewing, tree-dwelling species that roamed the forests of Mt. Kenya more than 20,000 years ago. The species is characterized by a sloping forehead, an overhanging brow, discoloured teeth, laboured intelligence and deep-seated contempt for anything female.

  7. Yaani we have learnt nothing in the past 4 months, and will probably learn nothing from the fallout that will be experienced in years to come. What am i talking about? It's not about different communities, so those who are busy crowing with pride/satisfaction, please realize that it's a very hard road when you have no country to talk about, or when your country's name is mud. Wondering what I mean? It won't be long before you (we all) find out.