Friday, April 25, 2008

Did Mutoko have anything to do with MK's Exit

To be honest MK's breakfast show has been legendary in itself. Not just the contribution of King'ang'i but the mix of both Maina and Mk was terrific. It was what made morning traffic bearable.

But good things apparently don't last. (how sad)

So today someone gave me a whole perspective to this debacle that Queen B could have had something to do with the Mwalimu's exit. Trust me Kenyans really are worried about Mwalimu's exit and they talk about it all the time. She runs the Quarcoo affairs that is not necessarily a dark secret, the extent to which is what nobody knows.

The MK's stole the show from her i.e. the Big Breakfast and struggling to remain relevant was something she must have thought of. After all the concept of a glamourous big breakfast came with Phil Mathews (Capital FM) then Carol Mutoko..

If all MK was asking for was Ksh. 20,000, would Radio Africa Ltd not be in a position to give him even more? After all what was Classic 105 without the both MK's?.

Just in time for KISS100's FM new recruit to replace Nyambane and did the switch happen?  Will the switch go back to KISS 100 FM. Talk of survival tactics.


  1. Phil Matthews, not Collins (the musician?)

  2. I know it's not the same without Mwalimu (listening is unbearable nowadays coz you are kinda waiting for his weird remarks), but I figure Classic will move on eventually as people will forget. Can't say that Mwalimu will cause the same effect at Kiss, but only time will tell.