Monday, April 14, 2008

New (OLD) cabinet, Mungiki Strikes

Despite there being new fresh faces in parliament the two country
stalwarts have decided to give us a thoroughly recycled cabinet.

Picture these

Ministers from ODM (recycled)
William Ole Ntimama
Kipkalya Kones
Dalmas Otieno
Chris Obure
Henry Kosgey
Fred Gumo
Dr. Sally Kosgei
Musalia Mudavadi

These are people who foresaw and actively participated in times of our
economic depression. One of the reasons why I never saw the hype about
ODM was this. Some may be real reformists but the persons who ended
up having real power were the old goons because of their economic
power which is very crucial in political campaigns in Kenya. I don't
know why they should be given a benefit of doubt but all I know is ODM
could have done better with their many fresh faces. Out of 20
Ministers, 12 served in the powerful Moi Regime.

Ministers from PNU (recycled)
Samuel Poghisio
Prof. Sam Ongeri
Yusuf Haji
Prof. George Saitoti

PNU on the other hand also has many new faces that you would expect in
the cabinet, George Thuo for example, the man who provides transport
in Nairobi is a man you would not expect to miss in the cabinet. He is
young and refreshing. I am shocked young Kimunya survived the old
folks onslaught.

I am extremely disappointed with this cabinet, it gives nobody hopes
nor does it promise anything new. All I can see is political games
well played and a further entrenchment of the political rewards to
tribal kingpins.

Mungiki strikes
As if in mockery, some Nairobi Residents woke up to a rude shock. The
members of the outlawed took to the streets terrorizing Motor Vehicle
owners and burning vehicles. From the reports gathered they went on
and about in estates such as Zimmerman, Githurai, Dandora, Tassia,
Gachie, Limuru, Ruaka and other parts of Eastlands. Thika Road, a
normally traffic jam stricken road, was very clear with most PSV's
(Matatus) avoiding the road for fear of the dreaded Militia. The wife
of the de facto Mungiki leader is said to have been killed with her
driver in the car and dumped in a forest. It is not clear who/how the
wife died but it has surely angered the Militia with them promising to
raise terror until their concerns (?) are met. I can only hope the
Government will act swiftly to avoid further securing concerns.


  1. There is really not much difference btwn the Moi and Kibaki governments. In fact Kibaki and his goons are hitting lows that were never contemplated during the Moi years

    As much we don't like these characters, they are the best their "regions" have to offer.

    The only way to end this is through a constitutional overhaul

  2. Can also point out PNU MPs from the Kenyatta era?

  3. How do Mungiki hope to elicit a response from those in power when they reek havoc in places that the powerful don't live or frequent?

    Sadly, in spite of my general ignorance of political affairs, I expected the type of cabinet they have served up. After all, lest we forget, the leaders of both parties have been running around with the same cliques for years.

  4. selective memory is really bad this is the worst case of selective memory !!!!

    1.Michuki -minister in mois govt too
    2.Kibaki -Minister in mois/kenyatta govt
    3. kalonzo - minister in Mois govt
    Uhuru Kenyatta- minister in mois govt

    4.Mohammed Maalim- minister - moi govt

    you life with a straight face its amazing.. the reason you did not support ODM was beucase kibaki was a gikuyu just like you and you had no option but to do the tribal thing.. good for you ..! afteral he is the duly elected now!

    OK mungiki ...
    NOW what did they get?
    -GEMA was beaten hands down in the elections and beaten physically after they stole the vote
    -Innocent GEMA youths who had been doing their 'little' corrupt business were kicked out of other communities
    -Now all the other communities have risen massively to claim their own share of kenya in the cabinet.

    What we are dealing with now is a community dissillusioned and cheated all the way by their power barons.

    It is like you promise your child to beat the neighbour so that you can grab some land and then you and your son get THWACKED big time losing everything in the process. Your son will obviously turn against YOU and that's what GEMA have in Mungiki