Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kenya is now.....wait for it............................Bongoland

I am sorry folks, but i had this sudden realization as i rode the matatu today that it's really bongo land. I had this amazing appetite for Kenyan do i say hiphop music but i no longer hear it and yes you guessed right, folks would rather listen to Bongo than kapuka or genge.

When bongo landed the likes of Nameless were asked what they thought of it. They answered like i would anyway that it was a passing cloud...and people are interested in new things. It's been over 6 years since Bongo landed and what i am seeing  right now is an entrenchment not a passing cloud.

Watch the Beat, listen to 7 at 7 on Kiss where Binti Kiziwi is now a favourite and you slowly realized Kenyan hiphop music has been taking over. The fans have complained for lack of good videos and amazingly bad videos and snobbish one hit artistes! Even pulse is covering bongo artistes more and more...saad.

For those still wondering what Bongo music is follow here.

Now what do the likes who sing Kapuka and Genge due...restrategize my friends or rather revolutionize time for restrategizing is over, coz you are so out!

Don't get me wrong, i would love to say i am a fan of kenyan hiphop but you know what i was sold. It's not my fault nor lack of patriotism.


  1. I had a friend who said that Bongo flava doesn't have catchy beats. It might be true or not, but it sure has flow and carefully thought lyrics. You can't say the same for all Kenyan music. Makes some quote I read somethere make sense, "anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung." That happens in Kenya. Adhiambo Si kitu gani?

  2. I do think bongo flava will be around for a minute but as I have said before the problem with Kenyans is that they take any criticism personally; so improvements of any sort will be left to the last minute. I do see at least in the case of Nameless he has been making some positive changes in his music, dunno about the rest of genge though which is chock full of one hit wonders.

  3. I would rather listen to bongo everyday before i listen to Genge. You cant even compare the thoughtful lyrics of Bongo to genge. Ali Kiba all the way. Wacha this genge dies down so we can have akina Kalamashaka revive kenyan hip hop

  4. I've had 'Cinderella' as my ringtone for quite a while and it hasn't lost taste many months later. Must admit, Bongo flava is far more tasteful than genge for the soft at heart...