Sunday, May 13, 2007

Right of Way

There is a rule i was taught in Driving School called right of way. However in the City of Nairobi the right of way means

  • Matatus & City Hoppas have the 1st right of way. Matatus becoz even if they caused an accident the driver will simply call the owner of the matatu and tell them to deal with the accident.
  • KBS have the second right of way. If a KBS hits your car there is no chance that you or your car will survive. So give way
  • KENATCO Taxis also do have a superior right of way. Maybe...maybe because i also don't know.
  • Rude owners of cheap saloon cars come next. Because "why the f don't you own a car. Give me way" must be why. Wahindis are very fond of this.
  • Other motorists who don't know that town speed should utmost be 50KPH and they keep hooting aimlessly because they probably just learn how to hoot!

Individuals who don't own vehicles but nevertheless have a right of way

  • Thieves who have just stolen mobile phones and are about to lose their lives (i understand their predicament) via angry mob.
  • Hawkers running away from City Kanju. This is the most ugly group because they run with their wares and hit everyone on their way
  • Men in a hurry. Because money is so important/business deals or whatever it is that they are chasing. They think "Hey, my shughulis are so important don't get into my way". This means Body bumps; several.

What i am saying is if you meet with these motorists and important persons GIVE THEM WAY.


  1. Now you, you've jacked a post that I'm currently working on! But it shows that I'm not the only one who's irritated by the driving habits of most Nairobians. How are you hathawise?

  2. Hey gal. Been a while.

    I for one am lucky I rarely have to go to the CBD and when I do I keep on the upper side of town in fear of my sanity lest I hit someone. And what's with roads that don't have sidewalks for pedestrians, especially in most suburbans nowadays. Hurlingham, Yaya area are terrible. You're left to wonder where pedestrians fall?

    Na, were you not tagged? Where's your seven secrets?

  3. lol...great post...everytime im in nairobi, the first few days are me giving way to people then u learn how to fight for your right of way....whether it is me smiling and looking sweeter than honey for someone to let me pass....its still my way of fighting. I love it!

  4. Been a minute since I hustled on Nai streets ... am hoping this Dec i'll get the chance ... i'll be sure to keep this as a guide :)

  5. ha!funny post.never the less, reveals how many Kenyans are really aggravated by archaic driving shenanigans...of self absorbed airheads...oh, n u 4got one group: celebs...i recently encountered Swaleh Mdoe on Msa highway, n the show he put up was one great shame.

  6. That is one the the things that make me glad to be in sudan, life just moves at a snails pace!

    I think now we can safely add the hammer to this list!

  7. What they teach you in driving school has absolutely nothing to do with reality! Every time you get to wherever you're going get down on your knees and thak God

  8. ROTFL and M hausaidii!! Where is my name on the cheap saloon car category? I am so there!! And 80kph in town with cello tape holding down the horn button ni mtindo! :-)

  9. Thank you for that fast and funny guide to the different traffic in Nairobi!