Monday, May 14, 2007

7 things

Ok i know i haven't really kept up with blogging lately so when Ichiena says i have been tagged i can only oblige (seeing she is Senior)

  1. I have a hardtime giving people second chances. I trust you once you screw up and thats it. I don't mean business but as in friendship. For example there is this chic who i was friends with from 1st Form and continued been pals after school and even put business together (which we closed later) yaani went thru a lot of things & shT together. One day i unfortunately left her house open and she called me and talked really Rude, she didn't bother to find out what had happened. Thats the last day i talked to her. Its been 3 years and counting. I HATE people who jump to conclusions without bothering to ask me whats happening. The next time you want to be rude to me, you should really think about it.
  2. I am hard to impress. I love new experiences and the kind if had money wouldn't mind taking breakfast in Nakuru & dinner in Mombasa and sleep in Nairobi, maybe the exhaustion would prevent me but it really excites me to do totally unrelated things the same day. I can buy a pair of shoes wear it once and give it away. It partly explains why i want to learn Luo,spanish & Italiano.
  3. I don't like watching TV. I find it hard to listen to people on Tv. I only watch suprise surprise 2 soap operas of which i am just too ashamed to tell.
  4. I am an information junkie. I like knowing everything and for no reasons. I buy all types of magazines & books when i have cash. I have even gotten to the habit of googling the prescriptions by doctors. I insist on carrying that paper which the doc scribbles on and google what i can see. I can even read their non existent words. I read the young nation. I find myself reading in the middle of a conversation with someone especially if in the house. That also explains why i can't watch Tv, there is always something to read instead. When i am stressed though i don't read, instead i watch Tv. Sometimes i go to the butchery and carry newspapers from there if i find something interesting.
  5. I am the kind of person who is most probably friends to everyone and to none. Although these days i am trying to be better, i still find it hard.
  6. I am most comfortable talking general topics than talking about personal stuff. Its kinda hard to extract things about me from me unless you are very patient with me.
  7. I am not the best person to cry with because i am very practical. I think what can i do for you to ease your pain rather than "woisheeing" with you. I find it sometimes people just want you to cry with them but i will find myself suggesting why don't you do this or another.

Thats therapy right?


  1. Remind me never to cry around you!

  2. Yeah, yeah. Hebu beba that briefcase vizuri, hehehe. Speaking of which, you sorted out job issues? Safcom are on the prowl again.

    Now, your list....

    You do not watch tv except two soaps??? LOL. You do know this is going to be archived.

    I hear you on 5. In fact I read it and found myself nodding rather aggressively. I'd forgotten that about myself....or perhaps I have changed?

    Ditto 6.

  3. #7: very practical.. I can totally cry next to you because most of the time I am at lose of things to do.

    #1: I do give alot of second chances, and when I am worn out, it is a done deal, til I die.

  4. Why did I come out of this post a lil' scared of you? Hmmm ...

  5. Harsh, Smart and Unforgiving. Does that describe you? Lol, let me stop jumping to conclusions.

  6. So did you use to watch the Rich Also Cry thinking of solutions to their crying???


  7. Me thinks its Cuando (seriously did you not say that sometime back?)

    You sound very serious!

  8. #1. Giving people a second chance is my cup of coffee. i never believe in loosing a friend just bcoz i can't give a second chance. i give all the chances one can give in a life time. Unfortunately i expect one to reciprocate, of which many have disapointed me. but keep it up, it will save u on alot of pain. trust me!

    #2. i laugh @ anything thats moving n produce some sound.

    #3. I'm a TV maniac. i can spent the whole wknd just watching tv. i think am sic.

    Any way i think your personality is amazingly seroius type. Do you ever smile?!

  9. What I gather is that you are a very real chile, which is quite rare. You see how you have made guys scared here…I am actually intrigued.

  10. ditto on 5 & 6
    lol, ati two soaps? (I watch 3)

  11. eish madamme! we are on a roll with the blogging!!! Keep it up! i am most definitely feeling you on #5! As for #6! We are on the same on that one too!

  12. hard to please. i bet i can break that ice :). ha!

  13. I also don't give people that many chances..if you screw up really badly then I declare you "DEAD TO ME!" and there is nothing that will EVER make me associate with you again.

  14. just came accross your site...I feel you about giving second chances, guess thats how life is...