Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grim Reality

This is how HIV/AIDS spreads in Kenya (True story that i wish to share with my readers & other Kenyans)

I know i guy who is HIV positive. Lets call him E

E sleeps with C who knows nothing about the HIV status of E. C is sleeping with a married man named R. C has a friend called M, they often have 3 somes with R. R is sleeping wit another chic called Mo. Mo is married too and has another boyfriend on the side. M (C's friend) is dating a married man too K. K is not know to have one girlfriend.

And that is how you can become a part of that circus. If E happened to affect C then the whole group will end up infected. Don't throw the socks up the ceiling however tempting that is. i really feel for innocent wives but that is Kenyans for you.

Episode 2

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  1. I am not even ashamed to admit I had to draw a spider diagram to make sense of all who is sleeping with who lol. On a serious note, I think this presents a strong case on why married women should insist on using protection with their husbands.

    I like the message on your blog ie stay celibate, stay safe, stay faithful, stay alive. How true. No one is worth dying for.

  2. Eiish.. and all those people have never heard of protection huh? Alas ..but it is true that Kenyans chose notto use protection.

    We have serious intiatives in the gay community though towards the use of condoms. The other issue is that it is quite common for two gay men to visit liverpool vct before having sex. Those guys are doing a great job and reching out to gay people and MSM's

  3. Thats alot of people in the bedroom!

  4. that is why it is called christmas tree effect! very effective during awareness campaigns!
    women still do not have the confidence and /or independence to ask their man to use a condom!

  5. unfortunately that's how it is...

    half, i think they should...

  6. @Dshy - Do u think it'll work? I agree with you on no one is worth dying for but unless you suspect your hazi is cheating, there's no way you can start that vibe ya CD.

    Imagine another scenario: campus... young guys ravaged by hormones & cheap liquor, Condom is secondary.

    Scary, very scary!

  7. @Dshy, it really shook me as we discussed the scenario with some chic who we both know all these people!
    Hazis in Kenya i hear do not use condoms

    @GNM, usually after a while, guys stop using protection imagine. Good to hear the gay community has taken active steps to protect themselves. Though think of it this way, JUST HOW MANY TIMES WILL YOU GO TO VCT? Remember this people are regular sex partners

    @Farmgal, thats a tip of the ice berg

    @half n half i agree with you that is rather effective. It scared me but i am worried about immorality in this town
    I know women do not have confidence to ask their even regular boyfies to use protection

    @Modo, very unfortunate i must say

    @Inexes, it is hard to ask someone to use a CD unless you suspect they are unfaithful especially if it is a husband. But with the way things are we might have to ask them and vice versa. one of those chics involved is SO MARRIED!

    Very very scary.

  8. How expensive are condoms?
    Are they out of stock?
    *shakes head*

  9. @ Inexes – I left a comment on your blog, but in response to the scenario you painted, may I suggest another scenario? The same young jamaas, sober, being taken round in a hospital ward full of patients in the last stages of AIDS. Somehow, I think prophylactics will be top priority even in a frenzy of alcohol fuelled hedonistic living

  10. @ Half half

    To be honest, I cannot see it being implemented among the older generation, but IMHO, I see no reason why my generation cannot be assertive enough to insist on protection. Adultery is always tricky to prove and I think the process of proving it detracts significantly from the main issue, which is prevention rather than cure.

  11. Bottom line, like you said, there's no life worth nothing. We all matter and just like you wouldn't cross a road without looking left and right, so shouldn't you sleep with E, C, M or Mo without care and protection.

    Yet, sadly we humans have short memories and today we say this, tomorrow we use drinking, bad relationships and all other excuses for playing russian roulette with our lives.

  12. I said:
    Dayum!!! Aint we a sad bunch!!

  13. Wacha I stay on the B train if that is how peeps are getting around!!

  14. Why can't people be good boys like me and stop sleeping around?

    Ok lemme get serious. While in SA, the same situation that you've described existed. I knew a whole twisted sexual web that had so many guys involved, perhaps even more shocking than this one. Especially amongst Kenyans. I told guys enough times that it'd only take one person to get HIV and everyone would go down like flies. So these situations do exist.

    Sadly, unsuspecting wives end up contracting it from unfaithful huzi's (and these days the vice versa is on the increase) and people throw caution to the wind when under the influence and with nyegez. Maybe that tour of an AIDS ward (as DShy has suggested) would do the trick.

    No glove, no love. Condomize wasee.

  15. I love chomaing my nyake covered in foil. Get the gist. Wrap it ups people

  16. Watu wanacheza na maisha sio...thats 2 many pple in one circle. Ukifreak bila socks no diggidy umetrip...i think it goes like that.

  17. Wrap it up if you have to have the sex!

  18. @ Aco:
    I'll also stay on the B train!!!

    No woman should play Russian Roulette just because she'd prefer not to ask her hubby to use a CD.

    Quite unfortunately, this is the price we have to pay for our cherished Sexual Liberation.