Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Slumbering and Young Kibet's call

I know many people watched the Budget Speech, some like me watched like a 1/100 of it just to meet young Kibet telling people " I am not into politics, Don't get me wrong" and suddenly the slumbering Mps woke up, only Njenga Karume prolly didn't. There are very few things that excite Kenyans that is The Arsenal, ManU game, you would think Thierry was a Kenyan and recently The Didier Drogba of Chelsea. A ManU fan having lost to Chelsea sent me an Sms to the effect
"There is a Drogba, he has just happened to us"

Anyway, thats besides the point. Budget reading does not compare to 90 minutes of big boys chasing a ball but to say the least it excites nothing in any of us. Until Young Kibet. The boy is handsome no less, eloquent and courageous. Saying things that some of us could have long ago forgotten about like " The greatest risk is not taking risk itself" or something like that. Really you don't have to 13 to believe that. In a long time i haven't found such motivation and this coming from a man more than 10 years my junior.

My plea to Kimunya is:

Please tell them to fix Thika Road, whoever they are. Not even World Social Forum could influence the fixing of this Road that connects to like 4 provinces of Kenya. Maybe this time someone might listen to me..

Developments- Proudly Kenyan

What are you proud of?

Kenya Television Network
I don't which channel of news you watch. I find myself watching KTN but these days i am finding it nauseating to watch their news. Its merely demoralizing to watch violence and politics in quick succession every evening. If an accident didn't happen in Kenya then Raila Odinga & his fellow Luminaries (wonder more Kaparo). Look, not all of us are a fan of the Luminaries or even think that they have anything remote to offer Kenyans but it gets to a time you have to offer people news to stay relevant. NTv has fast caught up and is giving KTN a run for their money.

We all sympathised with KTN's raid but that doesn't mean everything good stopped happening in Kenya. We have problems and a man shooting himself and all his kids might do little to uplift our spirits and thats not news for 9 Oclock bulleting


  1. Shiroh, who is behind Peupe? I've never heard of it, but it looks interesting. Can you have them contact me, or can you?

  2. Speaking of TV, I wonder what GTV will offer, for how much and how. Waiting...

  3. Shiroh,

    I stopped watching TV. Its just too depressing. At least I can skip the first page of the newspaper.

  4. mamie, i dont watch News its too depressing. Soaps eh?

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  6. They're already repairing Thika Road, parts of it are so smooth i thought id just landed ma juu ;). Labda Kimunya reads ur blog cos its been so long since they last repaired it that wathii would have been forgiven for thinking twas' a dirt road.