Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nothing really

If Smitta is to be believed Club Galileo is whack and Ciiku (Easy Presenter or is it former) is Multi talented. I don't know exactly what multi talents are but i agree to disagree. I heard Munene on Easy in the morning today so i don't think the multi talents are working any more. WE ALL KNOW what talents in MEDIA houses stand for (he hehe )

So i have been thinkin of all things in Nairobi, lets just say Everyone knows everyone. You know one person then you realize they were in school with another person you know and its all boring. Especially high school because al professionals went to lets say Docs went to Starch. So EX 1 thinks that guys who went to starch are smart cookies and kumbe smart cookies are also short (his version not mine)

So for the sake of generation continuity, i have to choose short and bright or tall and dumb. Burr you see i am not exactly dumb and now i am thinking a bit of tallcould produce tall and bright and the tall can play football, basket ball or handball and become FAMOUS!!! yiPPEE. We will be famous (like it matters)

So after my first failed attempts at making chapos (did i say chapos) i have not tried again and could do with some tips like put oil generously as some (owners of tadpoles,,..he he he) could say or use salad oil or use...or do dis n dat.

So now me i am a fan of girl flicks. How you ask, because all often a girl has to find herself in complicated situation. Somebody who was in the same uterus as i was and a girl was dumped yesterday (i am writing that because the boy who also came out of it is looking at what i am writing na sitaki anyite vile nasema) the last 3 words were to honour bantuts who has made sheng look like its the best thing since my chapos (lol!). So we were doing speeches in things like "look here dear this is not your soul mate and bluh bluh mob like you remember how he treated you on............. Ngai fafa!!!! It is hard i tell you. These manenos of love and being dumped. So we were telling her that ooh don't worry (speech!!!) I am reading from the writer of The devil wears Prada and at the part where this man who everyone wants likes that girl (can i hear wowwwwsssssss) So whuzfoolingwho?

So jienjoying, budget ya cyber imeisha.


  1. Could it be, that I am actually first to comment? I need a moment to absorb this. Brb.


  2. Lol @ dumb and tall. I don’t know why but I would rather take dumb and fugly over short men, they are always so ‘did you wake up on the wrong side of your cousin?’ moody.

    First of all, the secret to making yummy chapattis I find is taking time with the dough, most people only let their shadows darken the dough and then complain bitterly when the end product is a rock hard Frisbee that even the dog looks at like kuwa serious. So take your time and work that dough. Experiment abit pia and add finely chopped coriander or carrots to add abit of flavour and colour.

    I am most definitely not a fan of girl/chick flicks * drowns in a sea of vomit * so ill skip the last bit.

  3. about randomness in your entry!

    I make mean chapos (no...I am not tooting my own horn. OK, I am, but I have been told) so I will patia you tips.

    Chick flicks....well, depends on the what where and why?

  4. I'm sure you will get your tall and smart man out there somewhere! As for chapos all the best and keep up the effort, they'll come out right eventually.
    Chic flicks do jack for me, I'm sure all that drama shall be sorted out eventually!

  5. was here. be back to comment. She's back ama its a tease.

  6. I am tall and smart. I think. Is 5'5 tall?

  7. The way to get into a man's heart or at least his attention is through the central province (tumbo) keep on working on those chapos and you may get that dude that you are looking for.

  8. Hebu Ongeza that budget ya

  9. @Dshy how are you my dear! See like we are on the basics,
    Warm the water
    As in making that dough Sijui mimi...Some tall men are actually smart, i know several,.just a dissss....LOl at rock hard

    @Mocha, please bring the tips i can do with..

    @Acolyte, me i don't mind short or tall a man, i go for good heartendness(what word is that?)

    @Udi, drop your cv for consideration

    @hoseah, thank you, good advice...

    @Inexes, point noted i will

  10. TDH sio, heheee...utapata.

    As for Chapo's, come 2 my digz n i'll gv u training. Its free as long as u buy me some nice boots i saw at WBC...wink wink.

    Hii storo ya kubrowse kwa cyber aint fun at all. I feel u on that gal.

  11. Ok...waaaaaiiiiit...kwani whats wrong with Galileo woiyeeeee? Don't be haaaating!!!
    That is so unfair!!! You can't go judging like that.
    feh! That Smitta now who drinks and causes havoc kila saa...psssshhhht, even me if I had a club I would not give him two cents. errrm, is all. I mean, I dont even have facts...just speculating.

    Tehe, I figured ouyt the chaps. Do not keep the chap on the pan too long, and do not skip the rolling and oilling bit.

    I know tall, dark, handsome and sharp. wako mami. wakooooo (think kibaki.
    Hugs, its good to have you back.

  12. Am still RONFL..Ati Tall n short/dumb n bright!!That is so funny! Bt it would be a nice break from the Likes Of Brad n Angelina types!
    Talk about talents on Radio's ! Sometimes am just puzzled!
    Thank God! Not all of them!

  13. smitta,galileo-the 5th on this.
    I think its great to have munene back so what if am biased lol.
    Chapos have tried am getting better.
    chick flicks, hmm a tad bearable.
    so when are we "vatting"?