Monday, April 16, 2007

Rusty....Second name

Maybe i shoulda written,,..I am back!!! and with a bang.

Hell No! I am not, just making sure that the landlord has not ejected me out from dear blog, I know we have no tenancy agreement so my rights could expire without due notice. Now that i have confirmed i am still a bona fide owner of this blog (he he he) or rather sitting rights have not expired, i can go back to rustiness and pretend to be very busy!!! or what do people who seldom update their blogs say.

And talking of people i have come to realize all writers are sadists! and still at that they thrive on people's failures

Bridget Jones- She who failed at maintaining weight (or rather failed at keeping body fat at minimum levels) and still at that failed to get a proper boyfriend.


Belle De Jour- Failed at getting a proper job after college and became a london call girl......wella that might be the best.

Who is watching the Celtel Challenge? I am not convinced me that some people are that BRIGHT or rather that knowledgeable. I have this convincing feeling that Kenyans will win all the challenges (bite me!).

So me i have riden on bodabodas and was jealous that the other boda boda has ngomas and the one i was riding didn't have.And i am lying i even had thoughts of being jealous, half the time i was saying some prayers. The bodabodas have no insurance so if they angushad you? I am not even guessing.

How is 2007?

Ok, i just had my first class of chapos courtesy of
this one and yesterday i Failed at making any of those round chapos. I will keep trying though.

How do you respond to female discrimination?
Answer : You don't

Is it just me or all the winners of the Nguruma pickups are all dark Men?


  1. welcome back. how were the chapos

    I am hoping to join the aforementioned winners at Safaricom with all the cards I have scrathed over the last two months.

  2. Good to know you are still keeping your residency here in check!
    Is it just me or all the winners of the Nguruma pickups are all dark Men?
    Maybe most of the men who enter the competition are dark? Who knows?

  3. Werokamu? lakini ulikuwa wapi?
    I have seen those nguruma men. THEY ARE all dark

  4. Going back to rustiness are we...
    Am looking to doing the same...Well Celtel Challenge...ammm no comments from Rwanda...
    But the Nguruma challenge Aishhh!! That is a mean observation hihihihi!!
    Oh n keep on chekin your Blogger lease and dispersing your juice..
    Hehheheh!! Nakeel's Chapos eh? Hihihihi!! Well..

  5. Welcome back :-) keep trying, chapoz will eventually get the roundness you desire.

  6. Welcome back after the adventures LOL.
    Now the nguruma guys maybe they are trying to be TDH, tall dark and Handsome LOL.

  7. I feared that the lease guys will put a banner on sale at the gate but glad you renewed the lease.
    Hope you coming back for good.

    @Bants why the laughter? si ulishindwa kucampaign for Biriani...

  8. karibu tena.
    The dark men could be a possibility as Kenya is a black African country.

    Cahpos do not have to be round, so long as they are soft.

  9. I agree about the Celtel Challenge. I am impressed by the way those chaps know things. I also learn a lot in the process, mmmhh...
    Good to have you back.

  10. Speaking of landlords, what do you think of