Monday, July 14, 2008


4.47..Friday evening, it's a rainy city so decide to rush home before the traffic jam nightmare. That's what my parents would want me to do.

What I would do
Wait for the traffic nightmare, look for the nearest pub, drink until midnight or so and then crawl back home.  Everybody knows it has been raining alright.

What did i do, I rushed home.

I am scared.

I did not leave the house, it was very cold.

What I would do?
Convince myself that cold has never stopped anyone. You know when the pub is quite full, chances are that it will be hot. And anyway beer tastes better when it is cold.

What did i do?
Spent the whole day breaking my back with housekeeping and realized how ungrateful and unrewarding it can be. Then slept.

Obviously, my mother's efforts are paying off after some 20 odd years. My parents do like to see people in the house all the time. But obviously estrogen ed/testosterone children do not stay in the house.

Which makes me wonder (i am starting to sound like Carrie Bradshaw), do we finally become what our parents wanted us to be?