Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What happened to our Beloved Country?

When did people think it is alright to terrorize fellow citizens because ;

a) The Government has wronged them

b)They are poverty stricken, unemployed youths?

c)They have the ability to do so

As we speak the transport system has been paralyzed, fares have doubled, citizens are in morbid fear. This is because a certain group of people have said so.

But why do these groups seen during the post election violence and now operate with such impunity?

The ruling (political) class have used these same gangs to gain power.  The gangs seen during the post election violence were first and foremost not normal Kenyans but to all and sundry (meaning the world)  were normal mwananchi angry at the election results. That argument did pass and you know what some people majorly benefited from this and are currently occupying posh offices. We won't get into that.

So why won't new gangs come out and demand the respect that the gangs during the post election violence got with outstanding success? you need power, hire a gang, terrorize citizens and get it!  Whatever it is Mungiki are asking/demanding for is unknown. But all i know is we are tired, sick tired of this mindless violence to citizens.