Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Learning from Buzzted

The curtain might fall on Ciku's Breakfast show on Easy FM, i am not a big fan of hers but sometimes inevitably have had to listen to familiar stories told to different people and working all the time. You can fool all the fools all the time really. Anyway, here are the lessons learnt;

  1. If you think that tots belongs to someone else, he/she does
  2. If you think someone is cheating on you, he/she is
  3. Sometimes you are just the side kick really
  4. No Don Juan would be busted on busted
  5. Calling people and promising them holidays works all the time
  6. Who do you want to send the flowers to? also works
  7. 100% of the people buzzted are gullible, how now? that makes a chunk of Kenyans Huh!
  8. We all love free things
  9. When the deal is too good think twice:)
  10. Does Easy FM reach the whole nation?