Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Nothing is more disgusting than to hear anybody make comparisons between Mugabe and Kibaki. The two are hardly in the same league. Mugabe has brought to ruins the economy of Zimbabwe, the same cannot be said of Kibaki.

While the facts surrounding the Kenyan elections and the Zimbabwe elections are similar in delaying of the elections results, the opposition in Zimbabwe could be a true hope for the future of Zimbabwe but the opposition in Kenya (as it were) can hardly bear any hope then and still now. I can hardly call recycling of the KANU remnants as the opposition (then was), i am not shocked those guys are still haggling over who to occupy cabinet posts.

 If you are giving Kibaki an option of Henry Kosgey, Sally Kosgey, Chris Obure or worse still William Ole Ntimama the classic case of failed leaders in the past. While we saw the rise of young persons who were shown the door e.g. Mukhisa Kituyi, Raphael Tuju, Mutahi Kagwe leaders we will sorely miss for their national contributions and making  differences in our lives. I have seen people in the cutting edge begging for them to spare Michuki (roads) in the new cabinet, people the country celebrated to lose (what is wrong with Kenyans?).

while the Zimbabwean Economy has seen extreme deterioration from lack of schools, mortuaries even, health facilities, the zim dollar rises as you queue for them. People are paid to reprice the goods in market, hardly can the same be said of Kenya even under Moi's rule. I have come to appreciate little things that are good in Kenya with time, i hope everyone learns to not to issue blanket condemnation of Africa's bad leadership