Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I met a Thief

A.S. Bukenya


On the beach, on the coast,

Under the idle, whispering coconut towers,

Before the growling, foaming, waves,

I met a thief, who guessed I had

An innocent heart for her to steal.


She took my hand and led me under

The intimate cashew boughs which shaded

The downy grass and peeping weeds.

She jumped and plucked the nuts for me to suck;

She sang and laughed and pressed close.


I gazed: her hair was like the wool of a mountain sheep,

Her eyes, a pair of brown-black beans floating in milk.

Juicy and round as plantation shoots

Her legs, arms and neck;

And like wine-gourds her pillowy breasts;

Her throat uttered fresh banana juice:

Matching her face-smooth and banana-ripe.


I touched- but long before I had even tasted,

My heart had flowed from me into her breast;

And the she went – high and South-

And left my carcass roasting in the fire she'd lit.