Thursday, November 29, 2007


I feel sad writing this post.

Anyway, i was hanging out with my friend from the Luo community and as usual we came to the point where we part ways (me being a Kikuyu and he being a Luo). So what i learnt from him is though he didn't say it really openly was that his community think that we Kyuks are are to blame for so many

1. The Fish processing plant is in Thika and the fishes are in Kisumu (i didn't even know that)

2. Central province is so near Nairobi that all what they produce is bought in Nairobi thus increasing our income

3. Education was made expensive and hence Kikuyus because they have the money have been able to enrol in Private universities and Parallel degrees therefore 60% of all university attendees are Kikuyus

Anyway he won the argument because it is too much work arguing that infact it is Moi who has to blame for impoverishing all of us as a country. It dawned on me that someone must have worked very hard to convince an entire community to bedevil the "enemy".

Kyuks like all other Kenyans suffered economically during Moi's era, the only difference being our geographical advantage and other factors which i would be stoned for.

Central province is near Nairobi, so is Eastern Province and so is Rift Valley province.

I will not argue with anyone who believes blindly that Kikuyus do hold anyone's economic progress.

If you look at what Kampala has done with its lake then Kisumu would look like a sleeping giant. And these are Private Investments not public investments.

While i do agree with him that lack of infrastructure is the devil really because if they were speed trains he would be able to spend 80% of his income in Kisumu as he would travel daily to and fro. HIs argument is having to live in Nairobi predisposes him to renting a house in Nairobi which he says belongs to a Kyuk, the Mama Mboga is a Kyuk and even the Mat he uses to go to work is owned and the Makanga and driver are most probably going to be Kyuks. Damn!

I don't know but somewhere in my mind i have always thought Kenya is a capitalist country.