Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grim Reality

This is how HIV/AIDS spreads in Kenya (True story that i wish to share with my readers & other Kenyans)

I know i guy who is HIV positive. Lets call him E

E sleeps with C who knows nothing about the HIV status of E. C is sleeping with a married man named R. C has a friend called M, they often have 3 somes with R. R is sleeping wit another chic called Mo. Mo is married too and has another boyfriend on the side. M (C's friend) is dating a married man too K. K is not know to have one girlfriend.

And that is how you can become a part of that circus. If E happened to affect C then the whole group will end up infected. Don't throw the socks up the ceiling however tempting that is. i really feel for innocent wives but that is Kenyans for you.

Episode 2

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