Tuesday, August 15, 2006


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Whitney- Lady?

I remember vividly an article I read a while ago (could be more than 6 years ago) with a headline that posed

Whitney Houston a lady; Mariah Carey a tramp?

I really felt offended that anyone could suggest that Mariah was a tramp but reading on showed Whitney was a lady because she had stuck to her marriage and Mariah had not. It was at the same time Mariah was donning some very skimpy clothes and it did not augur well with many.

Undoubtedly, Mariah was trying to find herself but all she got was criticism from all quarters accusing her even of being a prostitute (forgive me if that is not what tramp means)

Going by the current state Whitney has found herself; it is now questionable just how Lady Whitney was by sticking to her dead marriage with Bobby.

I remember another article where Whitney was accused of trapping Bobby by giving birth to their daughter Bobbie . And we all know how fervently Whitney has defended her family at one point saying that the Browns and Houstons were great together despite reports that Bobby had been whooping her silly. Later on they even proceeded to do a show to fool fans of how strong their marriage was.

Maybe it is “till death do us part” but does the bible not allow persons to divorce each other when a party has been infidel. Infact infidelity is the only ground that is allowed by the bible.

Anyway I woke up singing the song “The Greatest Love of All” and wondered just how someone can sing such a beautiful song and yet go to total waste. I loved her singing,.i still do. Picture this line

“I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow; if I fail if I succeed; they can never take away my dignity”

What happened to Whitney Houston?