Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Japanese and other stories

I know i have been commiting a lot of blog misdemeanours lately like not blogging oftenly, i haven't been blog hoing and so and so. It has nothing to do with lack of blog mojo rather NO INTERNET ACCESS. I am in a cyber cafe doing this. Usually, i love to write my posts on word, read through, correct spelling mistakes and grammatical errors early in the morning before work begins. But now i have to pay for every single minute i spend on this machine and WHO SAYS TIME IS NOT EXPENSIVE.

Anyway, on Sunday as usual i went to church and we had this Japanese Priest. What was most interesting is that he confessed that it was his first time before such a huge congregation in his 26 years of priest hood. In his church, it is a predominantly old age congregation and usually about 50-80 people max. It is even more interesting that he is only allowed 1 hour of mass, greater than that guys complain.

It is that Africans worship more? Basically, Africans believe that if there business fails, it has something to do with God and not their low managerial skills. To win a football game, an African prays rather than spend endless time practising in the field. This is a topic which needs more time, i will think about it.


Now that i am so not occupied, i spend time reading and buying books. Currently i am reading these ones

Cashflow Quadrant- Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Fearless Living- Rhonda Britten- i avoid the so called self help books but this one is fantastic

Copper Beech- Maeve Binchy- Interesting one

The Fifth Mountain- Paul Coehlo, author of alchemist

The Greatest Secret in the World- Og Mandino, trust me i was very curious but this simple book was written almost 30 years ago and that is why i bought it.

The Art of Seduction- Robert Greene. Don't ask why i am reading, i am just curious

Odds are that when you have all those books, idleness persist. Through living one day at a time, you create your destiny well. That is the art i have to master. LET BYGONES BE BYGONES, so they say.

Who has an idea any excellent book i have omitted before i am enslaved again by some pay check?

Lets just say i have learnt too much than i would if i had stayed where i was.