Monday, July 10, 2006

Wako wapi?

We had our meet up on Saturday. It was so much fun. Note some people like Nicholas Gichu invented the Spider Man to miss the blog meet up. My gal Naks was down with Malaria (do recover soon).

It was usual drama with M boycotting the meet up coz of security issues. We had two new guests from Virtual insanity, Kibet and Cowi. Let me not say what Milo was upto.

Blog meet ups always start with serious to dancing and singing out loud.,eating like never before.

At the end of the day alcohol made people to start deliberating on questions like
"Does Milo look like Thierry Henry"

Honestly i think ukimwangalia vizuri he does. only a darker version. KM thought we were pandishaing the damn guy, just imagine.

KM disappeared on me. Ebu you tell them where you went here on my blog.

Mko Wapi?

I have noticed since drama started on blog, a lot of people have disappeared and when i turn on the aggregator when i do, i do miss these people. Let me name them and assume i will dig them out of their hiatus

Prousette (Mama Nyumi)
Kenyan Gal
Au Lait (sio sana lakini)
The devious one
Blue Swift
Farmgal (of late)
Kenyan Groove
Medussa (a bit a bit)
Life Moments
Whisperin Inn
Nick (spidey fun)

You are all invited to do a post before the end of the week.

St. Francis Integrated School

I went their yesterday; the children are lovely. Who was making any donations?
We need cash to buy the children writing materials
Exercise books
Text Books

Have a lovely week everyone.