Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Is Kenya a Failed State

I will not and i have refused to accept that Kenya is a failed state.

I read this report and saw What about Congo, Rwanda et al who cannot compare to our country and are not on the list. Seeing what makes us a failed state worsens the whole situation. Who says corruption is out of hand? Who says that crime is out of hand? To my knowledge there is more corruption in Kenya than in Nigeria?

Thank you
Kenya Daily Newspapers for making our country look like a failed state on everyday of the week that you can afford. Everything nowadays looks like a scandal.

The British High commission for telling your folks that Kenya is a crime prone state that they should not visit.

And to all those who contributed to the data that Kenya is a failed state.

Because it is not.

Second to none is Kenya. Infact the only part that South Africa beats us is service delivery for its people and minerals. Otherwise i have conviction that Kenya is the best country in Africa. No more no less. And we will get there.

How do you group us with the likes of Somalia and Sudan? Shakes head in disbelief.