Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I want to be

Dedicated to the children (orphans) of St. Francis Integrated Karen with whom my love holds no bounds.

I want to be

A great person whose;

Words are not tainted with lies
Actions are not tainted with malice
Smile is not tainted by fakery
Laughter is not tainted with sarcasm

Love is purest
Talk is not empty
Giving demands no return
Promises leave no debt

Which person;

Cries real tears
Gives real comfort
Cares with no bounds

A person;

Who lives a day at a time
Who has a minute for anyone
And at any time
Who will invite everyone
She knows for her wedding
Who seeks to see the best in everyone
Even when it is not so obvious

A person;

Who has no regrets
Who gave and did not receive
Not who received and never gave
A person who strives not
To be pleased but to please
A person who knows
She is just like the next person
Maybe only just fortunate or

A person who understamds;

Life is a teacher
You live you learn
Some are fortunate
And others less
That doesn’t make them
Less a human
We are all equal
In the eyes of our maker

So help me God