Friday, July 14, 2006

Going to the US no matter what the costs


There was this girl who said she needed my services as a laywer. So i went to see her and she explained
"A friend of mine had been granted a Green Card to the United States and it was just a matter of an interview then he would be able to travel to the land of milk and honey.

So we arranged a civil service marriage so that i would be able to go to the US with him. Unfortunately the guy goofed in the interview and they were not able to travel.

Her boyfriend was coming from abroad and had arrangements to get married to her. And she wanted to annul the marriage."

That was a hard one i must say. How do you annul a marriage which was entered for convenience. What if it was discovered they had entered into the marriage fraudulently.
She then disappeared when i told her that i would need some time to look into the matter.

Si tell me your stunts you know people pull to ensure how they will get outside the country...