Saturday, May 06, 2006


That is how i feel.

Emotionally wrecked.

What do you want?
Me, you have

I , you have

Myself, you have

My time, you have it

My love, you have it

My laughter

My smile

My life almost

What else do you want


Let me be



Thats me

No justification

Can't please

Wont please

Will just be me

No one else

Just me and my flaws

Hate me

Love me

Will not be size 8

Have never been

And won't be

I dont compromise

I wont

I never will


Love me

Or just don't

I can't be just there

It comes a time

You either give

Or you let me go

Not just there

Thats me

I cant just be there



I am still on Leave. But the blog is mine right. It takes everything.