Monday, May 22, 2006

Irony of our Love

Can we talk the same language?
Can we dance the same dance?
Can we share the same feelings?
Can we hear the same words?
Can we listen to our whispers?

Should be my strength be your weakness
Should be my laughter be a source of your pain?
Should my love leave you drained?
Should my tears be your joy?
Should that be?
The Irony of our love

Your love leaves me drained
Your laughter makes me sad
Your tears make me happy
Your words irks my ears
Your whispers I hear not
And that is
The irony of our love

We dance together
We eat together
We laugh together
We listen to each other
And that becomes
The irony of our love

My heart wanders for more
My body aches for your warmth
My ears want to listen
My mouth wants to speak
But I give in
To the irony of our love

When I smile
You pretend to smile
When I laugh
You pretend to share my laughter
When I know you are not smiling
When I know you would rather I cry

Cry I will
But my tears you will not see
Laugh I will
But my laughter you shall not hear
Whisper I will
But my whispers you will not hear
Until we are ready to stop
The irony of our love