Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I can’t put this in a post. But many of us women just don’t get it. We give love expecting that one day the person our love is dedicated to will reciprocate. Sometimes it does happen (like when he has just lost his job and all his friends have forsaken) and realizes that you are the only one who can stand by him.

So here it goes

You give your life to him
Expecting him to give his too
You could do anything to have him
He does his best to avoid you
You do your best looking for him
Woman what is wrong with you

You cry
As you are lovelorn
You nag him
You expect him to love you
But accept it he will not
Woman what is wrong with you

He hits you once
He hits you twice
He clobbers you the next
Yet you sit there
Thinking he will stop
Woman what is wrong with you

He needs me
So you think
I love him
But he doesn’t
Woman what is wrong with you

Life is not fair
You cant get what you want
But if you love yourself
Then you will get the best.