Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pumwani Hospital

I am concerned about women in Kenya most of the times and one such concern is safe delivery of babies. You know, I was born in Pumwani myself but the truth is i never ever went back there after that .I have always wondered if it was in the present day i would have survived. In Kenya today the cost of delivering has gone so high . A friend of mine spent Ksh.174,000 to get baby and mother out of the hospital. I for one can bet the most my mother could have spent during my delivery was Ksh.500.
With the high cost of delivery services, this is where Pumwani hospital becomes important . It is the only hospital that largely caters for maternity services.

I have always had the idea that one day when i am rich (huh) enough, i would initiate a Friend of Pumwani kind of outfit (hey don't steal my idea) to help some poor women of Korogocho to deliver safely. It is a tall order but i guess it could be worth a trial.