Wednesday, May 11, 2005

what is in a name

Really what is in a name? When i was in high school i had to lie my name was Tess or some other name to jamaaz, did it really matter what my name was. Back then,i thought it was cheap for me to tell a jamaa what was my real name before we even knew each other well.I'm sure many guys did that in High School.

When i go to the chat rooms i look for some funny name and not my name, so what would it matter if i used my real name.Chances are that i'm not even that known by anyone in that chat room that they would identify me if i used my real name. So i ask my self why is it really that i don't use my real name all the time especially to people i don't know. Even now i still find myself telling somebody i'm Susan especially if i'm not interested further in the person. Does it really matter to me that maybe Susan is busy telling somebody else that they are Silvana. Really what is in a name.