Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kenyan Artistes

Ogopa Boys and girls-criticized for the kapuka beat, the Ogopa crew have managed to keep their presence in the Kenyan music market. E-sir was the greatest musician that came out of that stable. Their future is not very stable in the Kenyan market as evidenced by the CHAT awards held sometimes back. Of course if they can get more talent like Jerry Jo they much just go somewhere, who says kapuka won't sell

Calif Stable - I recognize their ability to churn lewd lyrics, Nonini , Jua Kali Rat a Rat, Pilipili, Flexx. If you like being naughty their lyrics are very theatrical. How do you explain
“Nashindwa nizame wapi , nyundo yangu sasa itauma wapi, sijui niachilie cheza nalo mpaka aseme jina zote ninalo— sijui niseme sijui niseme not sure if those are correct lyrics about it goes something like that.

Though they are not party songs unlike kapuka you cannot ignore their presence in the market, actually I can say I appreciate the Calif beat than the so obvious Kapuka beat.

Underground Artistes
What comes out of these artistes? No idea.