Friday, May 06, 2005

Kenya Unlimited

Question 1
Why do you blog?
i dont know how to answer this one but i really have time to talk to myself.
Question 2
How long have you been blogging?
3 months now
Question 3
What prompted you to begin blogging? What motivated you?
i was suffering from what they call writer's block i could write damn a thing.And the only way i could develop writing skills was by writing so i guess that's it. Actually my first posts suck but i won't delete them coz i want to see where i started , haven't perfected the art of writing but as time goes by i think i'm getting better.

Questions 4
Which situations prompt you to blog?
when i am mad about something, when i'm passionate about a topic, even as i am talking to people i could be thinking of blogging what they are telling me, many instances i guess can't list them all here

Question 5
How frequently do you blog?
depends sometimes i don't have anything to write about, sometimes i can write upto five posts one day in my computer and read through them to see what i will post what i will not , actually i have so many posts which i just don't post so.
Question 6
Who do you write for (who is your intended audience)?
anyone but i'm more concerned with what is happening around me, about myself basically everything

Question 7
What do you find enjoyable about blogging?
i have met people though i don't know them i feel good talking to them.

Question 8
What do you find difficult about blogging?
waah this is a hard one, but mainly getting something to write which will be of any interest to anyone reading including yourself, you post, read and delete.

Question 9
How important is it to you that your readers leave their comments on your blog
it's important, but i guess it's enough that some one reads what you are writing ,some people reply by email

Question 10
How do you deal with a commenter who respectfully disagrees with you
i would take in their comments and evaluate what they are saying and then reply saying why i agree or disagree with them.i am not an expert on what i write so any one who disagrees with me is ok

Question 11
How do you deal with abusive comments?
haven't seen any abusive comments on my blog

Question 12
What in your opinion are the important knowledge and skills required for blogging?
Know thy audience, thy grammar,
but most important do it for thy self

Question 13
How would you rate your knowledge and skills regarding the above?