Wednesday, November 05, 2008




    Even as we celebrate Obama’s success story, even as we with fingers closed wait for his inauguration as the 1st half black President of the USA. We need as Kenyans to ask ourselves this fundamental question. What has been our contribution to Obama Success?

    His BIOLOGICAL father was a Kenyan, who however abandoned his son and escaped any responsibilities of child support. Infact Obama confesses that he learnt more form his Kenyan ‘father’ absence than from his presence. This is kenya’s EMBARASSMENT NO. 1. So his real father was the parents who took Obama in and saw him through his childhood and teenage years giving him the values that he now holds. That’s the reality Kenyans.

    His ‘Cousin’ Raila has all along been a source of discredit to his good reputation. Raila with his VIOLENT NATURE, COMMUNIST ORIENTATIONS, MUSLIM ASSOCIATIONS have all been used against Obama. Infact, Raila in himself has cost Obama some support and Obama campaign team had to work hard to show how distant in thinking and association these two men are. This is Kenya’s EMBARASSMENT 2. It has not gone unnoticed to the Mc Cain campaign team that Raila call for mass protest in Kenya led to over 1500 deaths. This explains why Obama banished Raila from any visits to his campaign or why Obama campaign team has consistently turned down on 4 occassions RAILA’S MONETARY CONTRIBUTIONS totaling 40,000 USD.

    Obama’s Aunt who also happen to be Kenyan has been an illegal immigrant in US for a while. This was also ANOTHER EMBARRASSMENT from yet another Kenyan.
    Infact, we OWE OBAMA AN APOLOGY AS A COUNTRY. With all these bad publicity from Kenya’s heritage, Obama has been understanding enough not to talk ill of us. For that we should be grateful.

    Looking on the other side, Obama’s real family in the US has been a SOURCE OF INSPIRATION AND GOOD PUBLICITY. Yet, they have been quite about it as we in Kenya tell the whole world how Kenyan Obama is.


  2. I agree with you anon. We have been more than embarassing to Obama especially with our political unrest early in the year. Mc Cain acceptance was more than dignified. Something only Uhuru managed to do.

  3. Thank God McCain didn't try to steal the election through a flawed voting system!
    Thank God America overcame years of negative stereotype stigmatization that sought to deny progressive politics

  4. Anon, with all respect, take a chill pill and let not only Kenya but the rest of the world revel in this landmark social & political change that has come easy and took very many generations to bring it about.

    You do have a right to your opinions but do strike a balance otherwise you sound like a bitter hater on an overdose of haterade.

    There's no perfect nation or society. There are embarrassments everywhere we look but are we to remain negative? If so, how is progress ever attained?

    If Obama was to dwell on the negatives in his life he wouldn't be where he is today. If you dwell on the negatives in your life you may end up stuck where you are now.

    Have a nice day and if you'd like join the rest of us hopeful for what this day and this generation has brought upon the world.

    PS: I stumped for Obama from day one and will vote for him in 4 yrs...and take the day off to celebrate his 2nd win too...because I can :)