Thursday, October 30, 2008

only in Nairobbery

Kirinyaga Road
My pal lost his light in traffic. Another lost a windscreen. The other one lost a wheel cap..You get the drift....every other peson loses a part of their car every other day.
So what do you do?
You walk/drive to Kirinyaga road to look for the missing spare part.
The folks of Kirinyaga road sell the part that was orignially yours only at a lower price
No defence
Cries that said spare part belongs to you is met with blank stares They could ask "Do you want the spare part or not?"


  1. Now I understand why my boss was removing his tie when he said he is going to by some spare part those sides, at my puzzled look, he told me ati akivaa tai atagongwa.

  2. that the part belongs to you is a moot point. leave vehicle way across the city, dress down and go hunt for the relevant part, you may park said car on kirinyaga road and find it missing in its entirety causing you to wonder where you shall fit the headlamp you have just been re-united with. [at a fee, of course]

  3. reminds me of a story i read in class seven...u must be new in Nai for such to happen to you, or too upmarket.

  4. How did your pal loose a windscreen? interesting

  5. Did no one see the windscreen being removed surely? windscreen? Kirinyaga, me (I) don't venture, and If I have to I call this huge friend of mine to take me..

  6. XS I was wondering about the windscreen too. Some other say I parked on River Road at the Chania Bus stage to collect a parcel and coming back my tire was deflated! I dont know whether they wanted the air or there was a bigger plan! Boyfulani you dont need to be new or up market it happens even when you wear a mean face. Like they yank a part as you watch and they dont run once they have done it, it could be sold to a waiting customer still as you watch. The most affected are those driving Nissan Sunny FB15. Mazda Demio lights are a rare find so they have become hot too.