Tuesday, October 28, 2008


HuH, is it just me ama this year is flying. I am trying to account for all the things i should have done and really some of them are not still done.
1. Getting A driving license
I once read Tony Mochama's articles that though he owned a car, he couldn't care to drive it. I don't know how you attend two driving schools and still not get a licence. That it is me. I have this weird thing going on in my head that must have emanated from Nonini's
"ushaichotwa na gari"  . Anyway my goal is to get a licence within the next 3 months, so help me God and if next year this goal shows up, shoot me please.
2. Lose at least 5kgs
As Gishungwa would say "I have been jogging daily since January, mentally that is" Good intentions! good intentions!. Anyway, at least sometimes i jog, just not seriously.
3. Read my books
I have a goal to read a book every week. I developed a love for literature and classics but somehow i get derailed by a books with blonde names like Bombshell. How can you resist a book called Bombshell? Well it eats into the time i should have read my classic. But how do you look at the shelf see a book called Bombshell and walk away to pick The Great Gasby?
4. Make chapattis
This has been in my to do lists for 3 years now, it is time it got crossed.
But there are good things i have learnt to do
Learning how to save
Saving in a consumer world is HARD. Only after you have had a pay vacuum do you realize the need to save for a rainy day. Heck, saving is important.
Putting my interests before others
The real christians may not agree, but you have to love yourself to love others. I used to waste a lot of energy on other people's problems. Now, i have realized other people's problems are not my business and i do not have to solve them UNLESS i have the competency and of course if we are good friends. I tend to solve my own problems without burdening others, i should also resist being burdened.
Achieving my CPS
Going back to school is not easy but somehow i went to school, missed half the classes and passed the exams.
THE UB40 WILL BE IN TOWN SOON. That is something to look forward to.


  1. I so hear you on reading a book! Especially the classics. I am reading the Decameron right now. Okay, trying to read. Just that I haven't the discipline to go through it. Yet give me a Tom Holt, and I'll zip through it! One good thing about Holt though, he writes cross referencing lots of stuff in literature, which has made me curious enough to want to read more about some of the works he includes in his stories. Good stuff that!

  2. Learning how to cook EDIBLE chapatis has been on my list for close to 10 yrs now. Last person who tasted them begged if he could bin them...Imagine that after I slaved away trying to cook them... he was forced to eat at least 1 full chapati under my glaring stare