Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Maybe a Bitch! That's what they say.

Either i am growing old or life is growing old. From the crazy days in campo when we would party from 2pm in the aftey to the following morning @ 6 p.m to these days when hacking even 4 hours partying has become so much of a task. Unless of course your name is Methu and you can do days of no sleeping they don call him Methu for nuthin! Or the party has gone OLD!!!

Back in the day all we needed was a pack of cards to play strip poker then we would changa 100/= and buy some serious roco like XXXcane. Then do the ceremony. So boys are funny. These boys played poker on us seriously. No boy ever stripped until one day, the boys couldn't play poker. Then there was this Mwangi yaani i can never forget that dude but i forget the name of the other one. We are all in various stages of undress, and the game is in its final stages. Mwangi and dude X had only a ngotha, yaani if they lost on this particular game the unmentionables would soon be bare.

This game lasted for one hour until Mwangi lost (huh). Have never laughed hard like that! Mwangi was too dark and fatty. Yaani the speed which he removed and wekad back the ngothas. So the gals would always pull the "i am on my p's" if it ever got there but the boys (poor boys).

Playing poker was something you learnt very very fast especially when you knew what was at risk. Once you were in the game there was no getting out. The most you could do is first play kawa poker before you played the strip one.

So what we would do is put on quite some number of socks, ngothas, 4 tops, a jacket yaani by the time you were done guys would go like "where were all those clothes?". Rakini those were good days.

Then it would be spin the bottle! Now this one scared me. I was told to kiss this dude and we were buddies vibaya, that day i lipad the fine. There is no way i was going to kiss a pal of mine, it doesn't work. Lakini if it had been a dude i had designs for, yaani you pretend you don't want then rukia him! And the dares, dare who?

The roco! ngai fafa yaani i have taken that shit!!! Safari cane, Kibao vodka and whatever other canes. The lethal things, what if we lost our eyes (kuona mbee). So my two pals decided to compete on who can swallow the cane faster. So one of them mezas 1/2 of that thing and blacks out for 24 hours. nJesu! i thought he was going to die. We were scared shitless. So when he finally woke up, i remember VIVIDLY the shirt he was wearing he had lost quite some weight. So we told him what cutt that he had just risen up from the dead. Then another day he wore the shirt and i wuz like you can't wear that shirt you know, its not funny. bad days that one.



  1. Weweee..hata me i am old kiasi...methu rock of aegeus..The Rock...i like..funny post...strip poker...i have a few ideas i should run by you...heheh!!

  2. Kairetu seriously you over did it in campo. life is growing old most def!
    alafu you met someone who lives over here afew weeks ago. I juana with the said person.

  3. ati someone blacked out for 24 hours...isn't that more like a coma? LOL

    but enyewe pia mimi I am beginning to see signs of less hanye. i remember kitambo I could NEVER stay home on friday or sato night and nowadays I can weka a movie and call it a night

    but I am still fighting hard, hanye ni lazima.

  4. dont we just miss those days........ niko na wewe 100%.. Just did a post on those days too ...

  5. As you grow older partying till the wee hours loses it appeal.

    LOL @that strip poker episode.

  6. Think should challenge you for the poker now that I know part is gone.
    Yes the days of partying Mon to Mon I do miss them.

  7. Whoa! Crazy times those! So you did not actually accept to kiss your pal despite the rules?! Not fair!

    Poor Mwangi. poor Mwangi...or rather was it a sight to behold and never forget? :0)