Saturday, August 18, 2007

A need to answer questions

Where is your cell bag
2 Relationship... in my mind
3 Your hair....Beautiful
4 Work... maybe thats what i might call it
5 Your sister....Well she stole the breast from me so it has been war since then!!! But she is gorgeous!

6 Your favorite things.... nothing in particular but well i am not easy to please
7 Your dream last night...Disturbing
8 Your favorite drink....Vat 69, Martinis
9 Your dream car....X3, X5
10 The room you're in....crowded i am sweating. Its a cyber in town

11 Your shoes... Black, i don't have taste for shoes, i need to hire someone to be buying them for me
12 Your fears....poverty! losing my mental faculty, AIDS,
13 What do you want to be in 10 years.....everywhere
14 Who did you hang out with this weekend.....My boy
15 What are you not good at..... hiding my true feelings. I am kinda too open and sometimes i can be a bully. I can also be explosive! But generally i am quiet

16 Muffins? No thanks
17 Wish-list item..many ooh boy, some man
18 Where you grew up...Kirinyaga, Murang'a, Nairobi

19 The last thing you did...taught some naughty kids
20 What are you wearing...Jeans and a sweater. Its colda here in Nairobi

21 What are you not wearing... jewellery.
22 Your favorite pet...Pets for what. Is my phone a pet?

23 Your computer...Eeh lets call it my father's computer. But it is 500gb and 1248Mb Ram. he he he i love it!
24 Your life...Quiet
25 Your mood...Lovely

26 Missing...someone
27 What are you thinking about....see 26
28 Your dream car.....x5,x3
29 Your Ex.....we can talk
30 Your Favorite Item... do i really do favourites?

31 Your favorite color....see 30 but i don't like green at all
32 Last time you laughed... a few minutes ago. I laugh too much
33 Last time you cried...Forgotten
34 School....i am always in school
35 Love ..Just give me time


  1. Lol Phone pet. Like the list. eeh X we can talk.

  2. Nice list! I want me that computer...and is a phone a pet?

  3. Can not agree more on the last note of number 5 (roho safi!!wink! wink!).... Never did figure out if she was 18 or 21. :)

    Daud El Rude ( Still representing for the Blog Lurkers!)